Cookies are a standard technology used on the Internet . Almost all websites use these to provide useful features for their users. Cookies allow us to store and retrieve information from you on what products you have added to your basket .

Most browsers come installed with cookies enabled, if you wish you can disable the cookie function in your browser. If you turn off cookies, you will not be able to use all the features of our site and you may have problems completing your order .

Cookies we use to help you

Tab: This cookie is set when you select one of the category tabs in the web shop and just stores which tab you have selected. The cookie disappears after seven days.

Basket: This cookie is set when you add something to your basket and it saves information about the goods you have in your basket. The cookie disappears when you submit your order or after seven days.

Checkout: This cookie is set when you choose to save the data in the checkout page so that you can avoid having to write the same things every time you order. The cookie disappears when you choose not to save the data or after a year.