Encaustic Art Basics
Encaustic Art Basics

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Starting : What you need

Layout of work area

First go

Understanding colour

Two colour mix (harmonic)

Some pattern types

Multicolour wax application

Creating borders

Iron hotplate mode

Iron-hotplate ideas

Marquetry cards

Marquetry cards evolving

Creative cards unfolding

Aperture cards and circular cuts

Die-cutting for cards

Die-cutting creativity

Landscape structure

First landscape

Landscape Faults

Full iron landscape

The four horizon shapes

Printing wax onto fabric

Fabric work examples

Tissue work with wax

Tissue work ideas

Wax and Doilies (doyleys)

Rubber stamping

Polymer stamping (clear)

Encaustic stamping ideas

Fantasy castles in wax

Fantasy visions

Fantasy imaginations and ideas

Stylus for graphics

Colouring-over beginnings

Developing colouring-over

Colouring-over evolutions

Looking ahead

Final thoughts

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Tel: 0470 33450
Mobil: 0735 338471