Encaustic art is an old art form, it was used in Egyptian times.

The ancient Egyptians used beeswax as a material to paint pictures.

When bees wax becomes hot, it melts and melted wax can be used as paint. Typical ways of melting the wax for encaustic art include the iron, the stylus, the hotplate and the hot air gun.




Coloured wax can be melted directly on the base of the iron and literally ironed on to the page.


A heated stylus can be used to melt and draw up wax into the tip and then used just like a pen to draw fine lines.

Hot Plate

A piece of encaustic card laid on a hotplate becomes heated so that any wax placed on it becomes molten.

Hot Air Gun

Wax already on the page can be worked by heating and blowing it at the same time.


There are forty eight coloured wax blocks. Each colour has slightly different properties when molten.


Wax and heat resistant card is the perfect material for molten wax. Seven colours of card are available.


We have a number of books and guides available.


Explore the different techniques with some of the worlds leading encaustic artists.


Stamps can be used to add an image to the card before the wax is applied


We have a selection of accessories that can be used to work the wax while it is molten.


All our mounts are hand made in top quality board and available in standard sizes or made to order.

Art Set

The Art Set includes everything you need to get started - except the iron.