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Iron 290kr Metal Scribing Tool 30kr
Hot Plate 2500kr Scrapys Set 175kr
Stylus 315kr Sponge Set 55kr
Drawing Tip 30kr Encaustic Brush Set 89kr
Brush Head 30kr Encaustic Brush 2mm 12kr
Mini Tip 55kr Encaustic Brush 4mm 13kr
Micro Tip 50kr Encaustic Brush 8mm 14kr
Round Tip 55kr Encaustic Brush 12mm 17kr
Hot Air Gun 995kr Encaustic Brush 20mm 35kr


A6 White (x100) 75kr A5 Copper (x24) 65kr
A5 White (x100) 130kr A5 Black (x24) 65kr
A4 White (x100) 230kr A5 Red (x24) 65kr
A3 White (x50) 190kr A5 Cream (x24) 65kr
A2 White (x50) 330kr A5 Gold (x24) 65kr
Mixed White (40xA6,20xA5,10xA4) 100kr A5 Silver (x24) 65kr
A5 Mixed Colours (x24) 65kr
A4 Copper (x24) 120kr A3 Copper (x24) 190kr
A4 Black (x24) 120kr A3 Black (x24) 190kr
A4 Red (x24)) 120kr A3 Red (x24) 190kr
A4 Cream (x24) 120kr A3 Cream (x24) 190kr
A4 Gold (x24) 120kr A3 Gold (x24) 190kr
A4 Silver (x24) 120kr A3 Silver (x24) 190kr
A4 Mixed Colours (x24) 120kr A3 Mixed Colours (x24) 190kr


Wax Blocks - Starter Set 192kr Nrs 1,4,6,8,10,12,13,14,15,16,18,23,24,25,26,27
Wax Blocks - Expanding Set 192kr Nrs 2,3,5,7,9,11,17,19,20,21,22,28,29,30,31,32
Wax Blocks - Vivid Set 192kr Nrs 33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48
Encaustic Wax Sealer (100ml) 65kr
Individual Wax Blocks 12kr Can be selected in any quantity or combination
01 Crimson 13 Rust Brown 25 Gold 37 Neon Pink
02 Vermilion 14 Yellow Brown 26 Silver 38 Neon Orange
03 Orange 15 Black 27 Clear Wax 39 Neon Yellow
04 Golden Yellow 16 White 28 Bronze 40 Neon Green
05 Lemon Yellow 17 Grey 29 Pearlescent 41 Neon Blue
06 Leaf Green 18 Prussian Blue 30 Pastel Apricot 42 Magenta
07 Green 19 Cobalt Blue 31 Pastel Blue 43 Bright Red
08 Blue Green 20 Yellow Ochre 32 Pastel Lilac 44 Mid Yellow
09 Blue 21 Venetian Red 33 Pastel Mint 45 Sap Green
10 Ultramarine 22 Umbra Brown 34 Pastel Coral 46 Cyan Blue
11 Blue Violet 23 Olive Green 35 Pastel Cream 47 Indigo
12 Red Violet 24 Pink 36 Neon Red 48 Purple


How to Paint with Wax 149kr
Project Book 185kr
Wonderful Ways with Wax 239kr
Quick Guide 15kr


DVD - Learn the Skills 210kr
DVD - Quick Cards 210kr
DVD - A Bigger Picture 210kr
DVD - Exploring Ideas 210kr
DVD - From Hobby to Art 210kr


001 - Pixie 60kr 018 - Tree Windswept 80kr
002 - Small Castle 70kr 019 - Pegasus 80kr
003 - Small Fairy 70kr 020 - Dragon (right) 80kr
004 - Sitting Fairy 70kr 021 - Wizard Wand 80kr
005 - Angel Fish 70kr 022 - Large Castle 80kr
006 - Dragonfly 70kr 023 - Large Fairy 80kr
007 - Small Unicorn 70kr 024 - Fir Tree 80kr
008 - Bush Tree 70kr 025 - Killer Whales 80kr
009 - Owl 70kr 026 - Nativity 100kr
010 - Palms 70kr 027 - Sleigh 100kr
011 - Penguins 70kr 028 - Tree Poplar 100kr
012 - Sea Horses 70kr 029 - Tree Oak 100kr
013 - Dolphin 70kr 030 - Tree Ash 145kr
014 - Young Unicorn 80kr 031 - Cat 80kr
015 - Dragon (left) 80kr 032 - Horse 80kr
016 - Wise Men 80kr 033 - Flying Fairy 80kr
017 - Tree 80kr


Mount 18x24cm (9.6x14.0)(A6) 25kr
Mount 18x24cm (13.5x19.5)(A5) 25kr
Mount 18x24cm (10.2x16.2) 25kr

Sets & Kits

Encaustic Art Set / English 375kr
DIY Key Ring Kit 50kr